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This a video presentation I put together to show the students of my mom’s 4th grade class but we decided it was another good one to keep for others who may want to do the same thing. You can load this video, put it on full screen and its a good presentation with slides, subtitles and a faster pace.
This video shows the extreme journey to Phulkarka. The bus we begin the movie with is one that we were on for 8 hours at this point, all the way from Kathmandu. Once we exit the crazy bus we begin walking with the family that we will be staying with.

These Tibetan women, Amma’s, were taking a break in the shade and reciting their mantras or prayers. The wheels they spin are prayer wheel and inside the tops of each of them are hundreds of folded up pieces of paper with prayers written on them. The prayers they recite/chant and written ones that they spin are all wishing for the well-being of all living beings, and this one is especially wishing for the long life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

One day we took all the kids from the Buddhist Child Home orphanage on a field trip to the Kings Palace Museum. On the way there and the way back I decided to film the scenes from the window. At the museum no cameras were allowed inside so even more so on the way back I used the time to film whatever was on the side of the road, and then do a quick sweep of all of us packed into the little bus.

This is the same day as the field trip, just after lunch and after we left the bus, walking back to the orphanage, and getting stuck in a quick but intense down pour.

Part of our new direction is to find local non-profits and cooperatives, investigate and meet them, and then hep to support them. These three examples are of women’s sewing cooperatives around Kathmandu. There were more of course that I didn’t any film of but for now this is a good example of where cool Nepali products get made.

Nepali dancing is amazing! Especially when its way out in a village and all put together by a local youth club…

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  • Jan

    The Tibetan Ammas at this refugee camp were so awesome! They weave all day, and their break is to sit and spin prayer wheels and chant mantras for all our happiness and peace. We bought many beautiful hand-loomed yak hair blankets and shawls here that day from the Ammas-we hope by selling them we can help support their camp programs, old person’s home, health clinic and school for children. If you want more info, you can contact Jan at:, there are more photos from this camp at:
    Tashi Delek!

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