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      As many may know, on the morning of April 25th, Nepal was shaken by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that crumbled buildings in Kathmandu, reduced century old temples to piles of brick, buckled highways and sent shock waves throughout Southeast Asia. As the death toll continues to rise and reports of the devastation continue to manifest, HANDS in Nepal keeps the people of Nepal in their thoughts and hearts through these harrowing times. We are working effortlessly to create and sustain contact with friends and family of HANDS and will provide updates as information becomes available to us.

Listen to the latest from HANDS  (Around 19;20 is when Jan starts speaking)


 Friends and Family:

     We have heard from our Tibetan family in Kathmandu. They are doing OK but sleeping outside in tents, as are most people in the Kathmandu valley. Rajendra Pandey reports that Bhupendra, our contact for the village of Phulkharka, is okay, but news of the village, our schools and friends there is still unknown. Phulkharka being only 14 miles from the epicenter of the quake has HANDS anxiously awaiting word from friends and family in the region. It is reported that the area sustained heavy causalities and structural damage, we will know more as information becomes available to us.

     Our friends in the Pokhara / Astam region have reported to be safe and o.k. We are in contact with them daily, they are scared, speaking of bad conditions for many Nepalese as well as the persisting shock waves and the fear they are producing. As of now,our friends in the region seem to be safe but have concern for the damage surrounding them. This is echoed in reports of rural villages surrounding the epicenter, where relief is slow to arrive due to impassable roads and the amount of villages affected in the region. 

     We are beginning to get word from the villages in which we have projects. The initial assessment appears dire as heavy casualties and structural damage are being reported. Villagers are sleeping in fields as a result of the majority of houses being damaged or destroyed. An overwhelming lack of access to food, water and clothes is starting to become apparent as well, reenforcing the importance of delivering emergency aid to these rural villages . 2 HANDS schools have fallen victim to the earthquake also.

1,000 lights for Nepal:

     We are pleased to announce that we have reached our goal of  1,000 solar lights for Nepal. Thanks to the generosity and support of donors, we have began shippments, with 350 currently in transit and another 500 staged to make the journey over.

     We are now focusing our efforts on rebuilding schools and libraries in the rural village areas that were destroyed as a result of the earthquake. Two of our schools and a library have fallen victim to April 25th quake. Your donations will allow the children of these remote communities have a place to learn by fall.

    Education and Tin have been the most common priorities for these villagers in light of the earthquake. Hands is working with our contacts throughout Kathmandu to ensure a safe and equitable approach providing aid to villages, such as Phulkharka, through using steel reinforced structures and durable temporary shelters to withstand the monsoon season. Your support will ensure ensure that such aid and development can endure. Please visit our gallery to see what HANDS is doing in response to the recent quakes.




     We are calling for urgent help in the village of Phulkharka. With recent word and images of the desperate state in the region being reported to us by HANDS friend Bhupendra Adhikari, the need for aid has never been more important. HANDS is allocating funds to help the villagers as they have nearly lost everything and lack adequate access to food and shelter. If you would like to contribute to these efforts, please click the donate button below and write “Phulkharka” in the memo. 100% of your donation will go to purchasing rice, tents and clothesWe will post photographs of how this aid is providing relief to the community as soon as they become available to us. Thank you.





HANDS is dedicating their funds to:
*solar lights to the most affected areas of Nepal 
*rebuilding schools in rural villages
* rebuilding and supporting the Bal Sarathi Street School
*supporting Buddhist Child Home orphanage in Kathmandu